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  • About

    DAO Suisse is an umbrella association for DAOs in Switzerland.

    It is an association under formation and a DAO itself. We have the following mission:

    • Spark innovation and know-how transfer between the industry and academia to create knowledge for DAOs and the public.
    • Represent the interests and concerns of DAO stakeholders vis-à-vis politics and administration and advocate for clear regulations in Switzerland to protect DAO founders and DAO participants.
    • Bring together interested parties of the economy, industry, politics, administration, science and combine their expertise to foster the creation and advancements of DAOs.

    Core Contributors

    A diverse team from different institutions is bringing DAO Suisse to life:


    Florian Spychiger (UZH / ZHAW)

    Hongyang (Una) Wang (ETHZ, no1s1)

    Isla Munro-Hochmayr (Safe)

    Lukas Schor (Safe)

    Malik El Bay (Dezentrum)

    Romedi Ganzoni (MME)

    Sven Riva (Uni Neuchatel)

    Ben Hoelzl (FTW DAO)

    Shirzart Enwer (ETHZ)

    Membership and Benefits

    DAO Suisse is funded by its members with yearly membeship fees. Organisations and private persons can become members.

    There are already 30+ committments.

    Besides the rights reserved for members in the statutes, DAO Suisse offer its memebers:

    • Company profile listed on members’ directory
    • Make use of DAO Suisse communication channels
    • Receive Up-to-date information on recent DAO developments
    • Access legal templates for a DAO
    • Access technical templates for building DAOs
    • Opportunity to join our working groups
    • Opportunity to bring services to the community across Legal, Tax, Office Space, Incubators, Education and more
    • Networking with all DAO Suisse members
    • Discounts on DAO Suisse events
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